Concurs. Transparent Shelter

Descripción breve:

Col.laboradora: Eva Cotman.

Water drops. The project of the bus station is a reinterpretation of water drops, which can ‘fall’ or be placed in any surrounding in the cities or in natural environments. As water drops, this bus stations can have different forms and dimensions, which are flexible and adaptable to its necessities as number of citizens, bus lines etc. This bus stop is designed to fit the physical characteristics of its surroundings. Throught parametric design a computer program generates a unique design for each bus stop, providing both optimal sheltering for users (considering wind direction) and maximum sunlight exposure for power generation. In an architectural aspect, we can interpret glass as a most similar constructive element with the same characteristics as water. In the same time its presence and visual absence makes it the essence of architecture.

Reinterpretation of traditional construction system. Traditionally, glass is constructed through blowing technique, with the extraordinary final result when it concerns to is form, functionality and robustness. We reinterpret this system with new technologies, working from a 3d model into a mold for big objects with a similar technique, giving as a result a beautiful plastic objects and excellent performance against the weather and user comfort.

iBus. The bus stop should be like an iPhone (in a greater scale). Easy to manage, fun, functional and attractive – the iBus can provide all this services to its user, and in the same time can be energy self-sufficient, environmentally friendly and, with the flexibility of its parametric design, can be adapted to all kind of environments. The iBus shelter is aiming to think for the future and follow the technologic improves that are yet to come.